Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Third party calls (CORS), cookies and more...

1. Cookies set from the parent domain are by default not sent to the third party domain in xhr calls even if they from the common parent.

e.g. and

withCredential = true does the trick

2. Cookies set by the third party domain are not set on the client. The client ignores those headers.

Hibernate: OneToOne Mapping and fetch type

If a bean has a property that has mapping that is OneToOne mapping it is better to make the FetchType to EAGER.

EAGER FetchType will add to the main query.

LAZY makes the property to be loaded later, but is not the case with OneToOne mapping. After the bean is loaded all the OneToOne properties are loaded through a separate query if the FetchType is LAZY and will slow the loading.

Take away: OneToOne mapping FetchType.EAGER

Dojo: Download a file with GET/POST

There is a old trick to use iframe and its src to download a file. The same can be achieved through
the takes same parameter as xhrGet or xhrPost. And no iframe component is required!


xhrArgs = {
  url: "service endpoint",
  form: "formid",
  content: ""

<form method="POST" id="formid" />

The formid is dummy and is required (workaround) in this case to make a POST call else it makes a GET call.

Content sent is of type application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Make sure the service takes care of this.

xhrArgs = {
  url: "service endpoint",
  form: "formid",
  content: { data: dojo.toJson({name: "Amod", location: "Bangalore" }) }

The same should be handled in a JAX-WS call through

method(@FormParam("data") String data, ..) {
       MyRequestObject reqObj = new ObjectMapper().readValue(data, MyRequestObject.class);
       ResponseBuilder responseBuilder = Response.ok(file);
       responseBuilder.header("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=<filename to appear in download>");