Monday, June 24, 2013

opencsv and Japanese character

The problem I faced:

opencsv was corrupting my characters in Japanese language.

- CSV cannot hold all types of unicode characters. (it can. even a notepad can.)
- FileWriter is not good for handling all types of unicode characters.

What was failing?

- The  ResultSetHelperService class of opencsv where there is rs.getString() was corrupting the data.


I need the figure this out :( But ofcourse it must be not encoding it to the correct character set)

What was the solution?

I derived a child class of ResultSetHelperService and overloaded getColumnValues. I copied everything and did a small change.

instead of

value =  rs.getString(colIndex)

I replaced it with

value =  new String(rs.getBytes(colIndex), "UTF-8")

and it worked !!!

I also read with newer version of Java and Oracle it just works. But for mySql 3.0 and JDBC 4 it did't work.


- The classes,, java.lang.String, and classes in the java.nio.charset package can convert between Unicode and a number of other character encodings.(




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