Sunday, January 11, 2015


Adding more support to your eclipse (say you have only Java support and you want to add web support)

1. Download eclipse with Web support
2. Or, add required module through Help - Install New Software - (your release)

Extract the downloaded zip/tar. Run ./eclipse or double click the Eclipse App from inside the downloaded folder. Eclipse needs java in path or JAVA_HOME set.

Plugins are stored inside the downloaded eclipse directory. eclipse.ini path <downloaded eclipse directory>/ So they work across workspaces.

The preferences are per workspace so they are installed inside workspace. e.g. Run configurations and editor preferences. There are ways to keep them common across workspaces.

Eclipse Java and Configurations

Update the eclipse.ini as per your need.

AspectJ Support

Add plugins from

AspectJ Compiler and AspectJ Development Tools

Maven Support

Add m2e connectors from m2e marketplace

Open pom file. Overview section would show error. Click on the error - Click discover new m2e connectors

Maven Integration for AJDT, m2 connector for build-helper-maven-plugin

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